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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now your dolls can star in their own productions with this fun new FREE printable :o)

just click the pic below to download, cutout, glue and enjoy :o)... for personal use only :oD
and watch the video to see how we made it... along with a Fabsome bullhorn!

Happy Crafting :oD


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    1. thanks! we are so glad you all are enjoying them... and i think we are going to do some more movie stuff :oD

    2. Hey Myfroggystuff, I sent in my photo story and numbered my photos in text but not on the actual PICTURES; does my story still qualify? (I hope so!) When you said number them I wasn't quite sure what you meant!

    3. hey there-i'm not froggy but i can tell you that you really do not have to ad numbers i didn't and my submission still qualify's

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  3. Awesome! I'm on the other side of the hobby spectrum with model horses, but have recently have been getting into dolls. This is cool, and your blog is cool also!
    (have you ever thought about having a how to on making a zombie doll?) If so, I made one here -->

  4. wow video production, see also my blog

  5. Other fantastic idea, thanks!! =)

  6. What Webside/how did you mke your channel art at the top of your page?